About us

The Norwegian Chinese Friendship Association (NCFA) is a non profit organization with its main mission to  encourage the development of  people to people relations between China and Norway by facilitating  cooperation between Chinese and Norwegian organizations and entities and their communities within tourism, culture, health and environmental and the small and medium enterprise sectors.

Together with our partners and through a broad network to local and national state and non-state sectors in both countries we help to create robust and sustainable partnerships.  The main premise is the understanding of  the need for building local knowledge for potential partners  as a basis  for development of a sustainable long term win-win cooperation.  NCFA main role, after identification of potential  partner (s), will be to facilitate this critical process.

NCFA has established close    cooperation   with the Chinese National Friendship Association CPAFFC .  Through the CPAFFC extensive network in China and with our   close dialogue with  The China Contact Group  of the Norwegian Parliament –  NCFA plays an important role as a   bridge builder between Norwegian and Chinese elected representatives and their bodies at state county  and municipal level.