Our Mission

First, pursue peace and cooperation. Only through cooperation can countries effectively handle the ever increasing local and global challenges.  It is our belief that it is first and foremost knowledge and understanding through people to people relations that is the ultimate driver for peace and true cooperation.

Second, treat each other as equals. True partnerships follow the principle of equality of peoples and nations. In our pursuit of partnerships we advocate a win-win approach and stress the importance of seeking common interests.

Third, advocate openness, inclusiveness with benefits for all.  The NCFA partnerships conform to the global trend of interdependence and the shared aspiration of all peoples for friendly relations with others. It aims to draw on each other’s strengths through exchanges and mutual learning, seeks common progress despite differences and prevents isolation and exclusion created by small group politics. Norway and China – countries with different social systems and ideologies – can form partnerships in fields such as tourism, healthcare, the cultural and business and innovation arenas,  learning from each other through the exchange of people and ideas.