Stortinget China Contact Group

The China Contact Group is a informal Norwegian parliamentarian group established in 2017 whose members have a special interest in promoting  people to people relations between China and Norway. The group has a broad political and  geographical representation of Norway.  The group includes the Chair and Vice Chair  of the Norwegian Parliamentarian Permanent Delegation to the  Asia European Parlamentarian Partnership (ASEP),  linked to the intergovernmental dialogue that has been established between Europe and Asia to consider political, economic and cultural issues (the so-called ASEM partnership).

Members of the Norwegian Parliamentarian China Contact group are:


Kent Gudmundsen member of the  Conservative Party (H) from Troms


Elin Rodum Agdestein member of Conservative Party (H) from Nord Trøndelag

Helge André Njåstad member of Progressive Party (FrP) from Hordaland

Åslaug Sem-Jacobsen member of the Centre Party (Sp) from Telemark

Torstein Tvedt Solberg member of the Labour Party  (AP) from Rogaland